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Wildfire Sky Burned Canvas Reproduction

Wildfire Sky Burned Canvas Reproduction

The sun lights the smoke-filled sky in shades of orange and pink, each shade reflected in the river. Evergreen and deciduous trees line the banks of the Clackamas River and fade to red in the distance under the neon sky. There is no wind as if the Earth is holding her breath. The tensed hush sits heavy on the dry, grassy banks as if just a sound would spark a new fire. The flames rage, devouring the landscape and transforming it in an instant. A foolish consequence of human error and a single spark, now a scarred landscape. Eight days later, smoke still clogs the air. Anxiety and exhaustion settle around us like the flakes of ash drifting down, the scorched remnants of trees, and homes and everything held dear. Trapped inside where the smoke leeches through the walls, inescapable and relentless, we hope more is not lost, and we wait, and I begin to paint again.

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