Eryn Tehan was raised in Portland, Oregon, and graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s in Journalism. She is best known for her modern, impressionist paintings with bold palette knife textures, and thick applications of intensely colorful oil paint. Her deep connection to the natural world, passion for exploration and sharing experiences, inspires her work.

Wielding only palette knives, Eryn creates chunky, visible thickness, adding to her unique style. One of the goals in her paintings, is to spotlight hidden colors in flora, creating powerful emotional responses and new ways of seeing and experiencing natural beauty.

A painter for only a few short years, she has quickly expanded her career. Of note, she has shown work at Ford Gallery, Bush Barn Art Center, Adelman Fine Art Gallery, Alberta Street Gallery, CHP Galleries, Red E. Gallery, and has worked with Travel Portland, The Oregon Society of Artists, Lakewood Center of the Arts, 510 Museum, The Chelsea Hicks Foundation, Step It Up PDX, and the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines. Her time with Alberta Street Gallery led her quickly into the leadership role of Social Media and Web manager. Her work is held in private collections across the United States.


My artwork is inspired by nature and its power to heal. The smell of pine, the sounds of ocean swells, the colors of sunset. All these senses bring tranquility unmatched by any other source. Nature’s ability to rejuvenate our spirit, which is consistently being tapped by hectic, modern life, is remarkable. The places I’ve experienced rescued me when I was lost in the mundane. It brought me back to myself, unveiled the essence of my being, and all at once, revealed my purpose. Giving that gift of healing through art, is why I represent nature in oils. My work’s purpose is to serve as a channel for self-care for those with unreliable outlets and access to nature. When people see my art, I hope it’s a transforming experience; that they’re swept away into the painting and feel the beauty of the environment represented. As if they’re standing at the ocean’s edge, during a sunset, feeling warmth and color wrap around them. To tap their emotional wells and lighten the weight they carry.

Through applying thick oil paint with palette knives, I'm able to mimic the textures in nature. The freedom of painting in impressionism, transfers my emotions into each piece as I paint, giving my work its own life and vibration, profoundly understood and felt by those who visit my works.



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