If you fall in love with one of my pieces, but see that it's sold out, don't fret! You can always commission a unique piece just for you! The commission process is a collaborative effort, you get to work one on one with me to create the perfect addition to your home decor or office, and progress photos of your piece in production is included. 

Time Frame & Deposits: All commissions are created in my style of work, and can take a minimum of 90 days and maximum 6 months to complete and start at $500.00. A non refundable 50% deposit is required upfront. The last half is due before the piece is shipped, though you can pay in installments while the piece is in production.  Even though there are no refunds, I will work to the best of my ability, to make the piece right for you.

    Photographs: I do work from photographs, but I do not work from photos off of the Internet, due to copy write. But this also means, I can combine your reference images you provide, to create one perfect painting. Please gather all or any photos you have of what you want in the painting and send them to me at after completing the commission application form below.

    Sizing: You'll need to figure out what size will fit your space best. You can determine sizing by measuring tape and forming a tape frame on your wall to represent your future oil painting. This will give you an idea of scope, and help you decide the best size. 

    Framing: I don't usually frame commissioned works, so the buyer can choose the best frame for their space, however, I can provide a frame once agreed upon, at extra cost. 

    Once you've decided to order a custom painting, it's time to fill out this application form! 



    News about events, shows, new releases and personal notes. 

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