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My ongoing Portland series serves as a tribute to my fondest memories of growing up in this wonderful city.  These beloved landmarks have reserved the warmest place in Portland hearts. They are a charming welcome home, and a comfort. Even as a kid, every time I left this city, and traveled back from the airport, I craned my neck from the back seat of our station wagon to catch a glimpse of the Made in Oregon sign welcoming us home.


The St. John's bridge, the intimidating, yet elegant behemoth, always impressed me en-route to our yearly Suavie Island pumpkin patch outing.


And in high school, Voodoo Doughnut felt like a warm, yet slightly rebellious comfort from my private school studies at St. Mary's, a short walk and street car ride from the school on 5th avenue. These landmarks, and many more among them, are indeed a part of why I love this charming city. 

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