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I've always been inspired by the colors and texture of flowers. Their petals have so many variations in color and shape. My favorite flower is the peony. I love it's romantic nature; the lacey texture of the petals and their playfulness remind me of petticoats and ruffles on Cinderella ball gowns. The colors of peonies are vast, and their varietal names are just as eccentric and playful as the flowers themselves.


I was inspired to create this ongoing peony series after a once in a life time viewing of Van Gogh's Irises and Roses collection at the MET in New York. I was in New York for exactly 24 hours. It so happened that while I was there, the paintings were on loan from Amsterdam. Never having set foot in the city, and completely alone, I hopped the subway and found my way there.


Van Gogh had always been one of my favorite artists, ever since I learned about his work in the first grade. Seeing the paintings in person floored me. Images online,or prints, simply cannot capture their beauty, style and intricacies. It was almost as if his paintings found me, and I'm extremely grateful for that moment of serendipity that brought me to them. 

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