"Devil's Punchbowl" 30x40 Original

"Devil's Punchbowl" 30x40 Original

The original oil painting, 30 x 40 entitled Devil’s Punchbowl, was painted in the city of Portland, Oregon USA, in July, 2018. 


Bright blue skies bring out bright turquoise waters at a popular landmark known as Devil’s Punchbowl. A fascinating geological structure, Devils Punchbowl is consistently being carved by violent surfs, especially in winter storms. 


Queen Anne’s Lace, lupine, bleeding hearts and camas lilies flourish on the sandstone overlooking the formation, where water can be seen crashing in from two cave openings. The color of the outcrop boasts intense reds and yellows striations that give the rock a beautiful, famous pattern.


A natural wooden floater frame is recommended for this piece.

Available to buy online or for sale or rent at Bush Barn Art Center in Salem, OR. 


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